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MyTemplArt - Catalogue, Certify, Share

Catalogue, Certify, Share

Easy. It is the ideal instrument to catalogue both public and private Cultural Heritage
Secure. The Cloud computing of Art, the first on the world market
Interactive. The art producers are connected with the art consumers

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MyTemplArt® figures out any problem of cataloguing. It does not matter if you are a collector, an institution, an artist or a museum.

MyTemplArt EXHIBITION MANAGEMENT Project: The most innovative platform for cataloguin, sharing and safeguarding addressed to all arts world.

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The advantages of MyTemplArt®
Access to the cloud
A unique Cloud thanks to proprietary technology, allows the loading up of data with any device, everywhere. The only requirement is a connection
Easy and friendly
Easy to use. Ideal for who has very little experience, it is impossible to make a mistake thanks to interactive web surfing
Sharing is easy and safe, enable authorisation with who you want and when you want
Universal archive
Universal because everybody can connect and load up data on the works, the artists, the movements, the ages and tendencies. The data creates an immense collective memory that can be consulted by anybody, as long as the authorisation is shared
Shared library
An immense library at anybody’s fingertips, all over the world. Sharing the contents of the library is culture
An interactive system that instantaneously saves all the data up-loads and their modifications
Security and privacy
Secure and infallible, the data is kept in respect to absolute privacy
Scentific inventory
Every module has been studied by experts with advanced cataloguing scientific criteria. Any data has a unique correspondence and in case of repetitions and superimposition the system signals the problem
Subscriptions clear and simple
All the modules are without limitations, MyTemplArt® offers subscriptions per number of works to be up-loaded. There are no restrictions. Every module allows taking advantage of all the potentials of the system. The only difference is in the number of works to be up-loaded
Forever Free
Archive up to
30 artworks
One user
/ year
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Archive up to
250 artworks
3 users
+ vat / year
Unlimited artworks
5 users
+ vat / year
Designed for huge quantities of artworks and work in group Dedicated infrastructure and customised domain
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